Stepping out again

Today marks my last day with Hi-Rez Studios. I've been incredibly fortunate to be a part of their team over the past year. Todd Harris, the COO, almost single-handedly brought me back from the dead when I was down following the end of my last project. I really can't thank him enough for believing in me as well as the quality of my work. He constantly reminded me of what I am capable of and eventually I started to believe him!

One of the most important things to me in my professional life is really putting my creative stamp on things and making things that I can in some part have ownership in. I also really value the ability to finish up work and then go home and work on projects of my own. That's not always possible at bigger companies, sometimes for good reason.

Over this past year the fire within me to create and build experiences and worlds of my own design has reemerged and in a way that I just couldn't ignore any longer. I really wanted to get back to creating my own IP and crafting experiences from start to finish (of course I'll be working with awesome people to make this happen). To this end, I'll be starting up my new studio in earnest once I get back from my trip to PAX that includes a nice break in Washington state near the Cascades. I'll share more details about the studio, it's projects, it's focus, etc. when the time is right. My main focus right now is to get my mind right and prepare to make this Fall a time to create some truly special work for people to enjoy!