A Small Glimpse Into The Creative Promise of VR

In this video, a former Disney animator offers us a glimpse into the creative power offered with VR. Using the HTC & Valve-developed Vive hardware and an application called TiltBrush, he sketches familiar characters in 3D space. I think one of the neatest things about this video is that despite the goggles, you can still really see the sheer delight on his face that he gets from being able to create and work around his creations in this new medium. Granted he works on the team

Soon consumers will have access to VR, the emergence of which is thanks in part to lots of buy in from companies like Google, Oculus(Facebook), and HTC and Valve. The Vive hardware has the ability to track where a person is in a space up to 10 square feet. The hardware can also tell the angle of your head or hands within one-tenth of a degree. We have the ability to move about a totally artificial space and create a world within it, a place to ourselves or a place for us to mingle, collaborate, compete, or carry a conversation with others. Oculus is offering somewhat similar but distinct hardware with motion controls that understand finger gestures as well as some degree of tracking.

It's a very exciting time. VR is a new, expressive medium and frontier that offers a tangibility to experience things new and old and express ourselves in ways we haven't even thought of yet. With my new company, I'll be working on several VR prototypes in addition to some VR consulting work, in both Unity and Unreal, if you're curious :). Hopefully as the prototypes take shape they'll show a lot of promise and I can get one or more of them developed into a commercial product!

I'll be attending Oculus Connect in LA the 23rd through the 26th. If you're going to be there and would like to meet up, let me know!

You can read more about Glen Keane and his VR experience at Engadget