Hello & Welcome to My New Site!

Welcome to my new site! There's not a lot here just yet, but I'll be posting my work/portfolio projects over the coming weeks and posting several articles to my blog. I wanted to kick things off by sharing my goals for the site.


I believe in stating your goals to someone else and I'd like to do with you, the reader of. In the spirit of this belief, here are my goals for this site:

  • Share work in progress updates on personal projects
  • Show professional projects and share insights into those as I'm able to
  • Share professional and personal development insights and inspiration
  • Provide answers to readers' questions when my time permits
  • Establish a community of professionals, not exclusive to game development, that can learn and inspire one another


I look forward to starting this new endeavor and I sincerely hope you'll participate with me. Let me know the kinds of things you'd like to see on the site. Thanks!